Бегущий по лезвию 2049 (2017) Poster

Ana de Armas: Joi



  • Joi : Mere data makes a man. A and C and T and G. The alphabet of you. All from four symbols. I am only two: 1 and 0.

    'K' : Half as much but twice as elegant, sweetheart.

  • Advertising hologram : [said to K by a hologram advertising the virtual girl Joi, which K had bought]  You look like a *good* Joe.

  • Joi : I always told you. You're special. Your history isn't over yet. There's still a page left.

  • Joi : [to 'K']  I love you!

  • Joi : I'm done with you. You can go now.

    Mariette : Quiet, now. I've been inside you. Not so much there as you think.

  • Joi : I always knew you were special. Maybe this is how. A child. Of woman born. Pushed into the world. Wanted. Loved.

  • K : If this gets broke, that's it. You're gone.

    Joi : Like a real girl.

  • Joi : I'm so happy when I'm with you.

    'K' : You don't have to say that.

  • Joi : I never figured you as one for bullshit!

  • 'K' : [to Joi]  They'll be coming after me soon.

    Joi : I'm coming with you.

  • 'K' : [K has just returned home to his apartment]  You were right. You were right about everything.

    Joi : Shh...

    Mariette : [door opens behind K and Mariette enters]  Thought you weren't interested working man.

    Joi : You liked her I could tell. It's ok, she's real. I want to be real for you.

    'K' : You are real for me.

    Mariette : You have a special lady here.

    [long silence] 

    Mariette : Ok, lets do it.

  • Joi : [to Luv]  Stop!

    [Luv's foot hovers over Joi's Emanator] 

    Luv : [to Joi]  I do hope that you're satisfied with our product.

    [referring to K] 

  • Joi : [to 'K']  This is how.

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