Челюсти (1975) Poster


Amity Island had everything. Clear skies. Gentle surf. Warm water. People flocked there every summer. It was the perfect feeding ground.
The nation's #1 best-selling novel is now the year's most terrifying movie.
On the Fourth of July, Fishing Season will open...on you.
If you forgot what terror was like...it's back.
See what you missed the first time...after you closed your eyes.
There is a creature alive today which has survived millions of years of evolution...without change, without passion, without logic. It lives to kill. A mindless eating machine, it will attack and devour anything. Try to imagine meeting the Devil...with JAWS.
When the beaches open this summer, you will be taken.
She was the first...Who will be next?
Do you like fish? Well, he likes you too...
If you want to survive Fishing Season, don't go in the water.
See it before you go swimming.
You'll never go in the water again!

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