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Poll: Foreign-language TV series

Which of these TV series (and mini-series) not in the English language would you recommend to others - or which one are you most interested in seeing yourself?

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    На зов скорби (2012)

    Dead people reappear in a French mountain town in this supernatural drama.
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    Мост (2011)

    A Danish and a Swedish police inspector collaborate on crimes that cross the national border.
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    Город мужчин (2002)

    Stories from the Rio favelas, by the makers of City of God.
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    Декалог (1989)

    Krzysztof Kieslowski's series of ten episodes based on the Ten Commandments.
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    Королевство (1994)

    Lars von Trier's horror comedy about the staff and patients of a Copenhagen hospital.
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    Лейла и Меджнун (2011)

    A Turkish comedy series based on the famous Persian love story "Layla and Majnun".
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    El Chavo del Ocho (1972)

    The funny and touching stories of the orphan Chavo in a poor Mexican neighborhood.
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    Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980)

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder's adaptation of the story of the small-time criminal Franz Biberkopf.
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    Сцены из супружеской жизни (1973)

    Ingmar Bergman's mini-series about ten years of a troubled marriage.
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    Под прикрытием (2011)

    A secret agent goes undercover in the world of the Bulgarian mafia.
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    Эзель (2009)

    A man returns to Istanbul to exact his vengeance on the people who betrayed him.
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    Убийство (2007)

    Copenhagen police detective Sarah Lund investigates difficult cases with personal and political consequences.
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    Правительство (2010)

    A Danish political drama about a prime minister's rise to power, and how power changes a prime minister.
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    Валландер (2005)

    The Swedish adaptation of Henning Mankell's crime novels.
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    Mahabharat (1988)

    The epic Indian story of the family feud between the noble Pandava princes and their scheming cousins, the Kaurava kings.
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    Спираль (2005)

    Criminal investigations in Paris from the points of view of police officers , lawyers and judges.
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    Криминальный роман (2008)

    An organized crime gang in the underworld of Rome is pursued by a persistent cop.
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    Kaamelott (2004)

    A French comedy which presents a more realistic and off-beat account of King Arthur's quest for the Grail.
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    Tatort (1970)

    A long running German cop show where detectives work to solve a crime.
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    Комиссар Рекс (1994)

    A police dog helps solve crimes in and around Vienna.
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    Матрёшки (2005)

    A Flemish drama about a sex trade gang that lures Russian and Lithuanian girls into prostitution.
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    Граф Монте Кристо (1998)

    An adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' famous novel.
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    Heimat - Eine deutsche Chronik (1984)

    Life in a German village from 1919 to 1982, including the rise and fall of Nazism.
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    Тайная страсть (2003)

    Colombian telenovela about the Reyes brothers, who go in search of revenge.
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    Полный дом (2004)

    A Korean comedy about a free-spirited, unemployed, young woman who agrees to a sham-marriage with a selfish neat-freak actor.
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    Наши матери, наши отцы (2013)

    Five young Germans meet in Berlin in 1941 before taking separate routes through the Second World War.
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    Легенда о Брюсе Ли (2008)

    The story of the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee from Hong Kong to America and back again, leading up to his tragic death at the age of 32.
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    Дон Корлеоне (2007)

    The story of Salvatore Riina, alias Totò u Curtu, a mafioso boss from Corleone, Sicily.
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    Руби (2004)

    Mexican soap about the beautiful but poor Rubí will do anything to make her dream reality and become rich.
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    12 stulev (1977)

    Soviet Russian series in which two scoundrels try to find the twelve chairs, one of which their aunts has sewn jewelry into.

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