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Poll: What If... You're Just Being Paranoid?

Which of these films that leaves you feeling paranoid and suspicious about anything and everything after the moment you've watched it?

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    Шоу Трумана (1998)

    What if... your whole life is actually a television show?
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    Паранормальное явление (2007)

    What if... there's ghosts lurking around in your house and could be waiting to snatch you up and toss you around the room like a ragdoll when and where you least expect it?
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    Кошмар на улице Вязов (1984)

    What if... Freddy Krueger will haunt and kill you in your nightmare?
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    Челюсти (1975)

    What if... sharks were waiting to eat you as you dip yourself into the ocean?
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    Заражение (2011)

    What if... you've been infected by germs and bacteria? What if... you're allergic to everything? What if... that food you've been eating could possibly the only thing that could wipe out the entire humanity?
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    Исчезнувшая (2014)

    What if... your wife/husband is actually an insane sociopath ready to make you're life a living hell because your marriage is crumbling? (or it could be your girlfriend/boyfriend)
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    Шестое чувство (1999)

    What if... you're really dead and you roamed the earth as a ghost? Or what if... someone you knew it's actually a ghost?
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    Незнакомцы (2008)

    What if... you're home alone and suddenly some freak psychopaths invade inside? See also Funny Games
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    The Conversation (1974)

    What if... someone's been listening to your conversation with someone the whole time?
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    Tremors (1990)

    What if... some gigantic monsters below the ground will suddenly eat you up?
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    It (1990)

    What if... every scary looking clown will try to kill you?
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    Звонок (2002)

    What if... suddenly, some scary-looking girl with a white dress and long hair comes out in your television?
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    2012 (2009)

    What if... any moment by now it could be the end of the world? (in 2012, we're so thankful that the Mayan's disaster prediction didn't happen. Phew!)
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    Окно во двор (1954)

    What if... you're neighbor is actually a serial killer?
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    Child's Play (1988)

    What if... that scary looking doll you own is actually demon-possessed?
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    They Live (1988)

    What if... some people you've known or passed everyday is actually an alien disguised as a normal human being? See also The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers
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    Пункт назначения (2000)

    What if... Death is coming for you? You better question your own decision-making and notice all the small things that could potentially make your life miserable.
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    Пила: Игра на выживание (2004)

    What if... any moment by now, you could be Jigsaw's next victim?
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    История игрушек (1995)

    What if... you're toys are actually alive?
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    Оставленные (2014)

    What if... any moment by now, Judgment Day is coming?
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    Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

    What if... I'm already a product of "doublethink"?
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    Матрица (1999)

    What if... all our reality is a computer program, and our bodies are its power sources?
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    Рука, качающая колыбель (1992)

    What if... that nanny you hired is actually plotting to kill you and steal your children?
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    The Omen (1976)

    What if... your child is the Antichrist? Or the devil's own son?
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    Кэндимэн (1992)

    What if... you stood in front of the mirror and say "Candyman" five times, that murderous soul with a hook for a hand will suddenly appear?
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    Зодиак (2007)

    What if... the Zodiac killer still exists in San Francisco?

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