Shooting on Film Made ‘First Man,’ ‘The Favourite,’ and ‘Widows’ More Visceral

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Shooting on Film Made ‘First Man,’ ‘The Favourite,’ and ‘Widows’ More Visceral
It’s unimaginable to think of “First Man,” “The Favourite,” and “Widows” as digitally shot. Film is part of their DNA and the impact of viewing them is more visceral because of it.

Which is why Damien Chazelle, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Steve McQueen prefer working in the analog world, where grain structure affects color, light, and shadow with greater richness and depth. And cinematographers Linus Sandgren, Robbie Ryan, and Sean Bobbitt have certainly delivered the emotional and aesthetic goods.

“You can be so much more expressive with film,” said Oscar-winner Sandgren (“La La Land”), who re-teamed with Chazelle on “First Man” and is linked to “Bond 25” with director Cary Fukunaga, which might also be shot on film. “I think it’s really important to educate film students in shooting on film just so they know and can see the difference,” added Sandgren.

He shot “First Man” in multiple formats
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