Review: The Possession of Hannah Grace is horror-induced hokum that needs to stay buried in the morgue

The utterly flimsy and formulaic goosebump thriller The Possession of Hannah Grace is the latest drab and dreary take on the possession horror film genre. Strained with creepy cliche-ridden jolts and the tired copycat mentality of countless frightfests imaginable Dutch director Diederik Van Rooijen ("Daglicht") assembles a choppy exorcist vehicle that is laughably bad. Riddled with tedious manufactured scares, anemic writing, and unfocused acting The Possession of Hannah Grace elicits unintentional chuckles moreso than crafty bloody knuckles. This perverse plate of predictability has been served once too often. Along with Van Rooijen's mechanically macabre direction screenwriter Brian Sieve (the "Boogeyman" movie series) aptly creates an atmospheric, eerie universe that gives Possession its terrorizing texture and sense of corrosive confinement. Still, Sieve's woefully pedestrian script does not dutifuuly...

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