Every Pokemon Reveled in First Detective Pikachu Footage

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures dropped a big fat surprise online today in the form of the first trailer for Detective Pikachu. This serves as the first ever live-action Pokemon movie and the first footage didn't skimp on the goods. The trailer is loaded down with Pokemon from various eras that should make most fans quite happy. To help catch people up on anything they may have missed, here are all of the Pokemon, in order, that we spotted in the trailer.

The opening shot of the first Detective Pikachu trailer takes place in Ryme City and there is a tremendous view with Pokemon and humans shuffling about together. That makes it a bit difficult to spot everything, but we see a Charmander, Dodrio and Bouffalant all mixed in with the crowd. There are also a number of flying Pokemon in this shot, including a Braviary on a ledge, as well as Comfey,
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