The Girl In The Spider’S Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story – Review

It’s reboot time once more, but this one’s not another entry in the horror genre, as the recent Halloween and Suspiria, but it does have a connection, though slight. The source flick doesn’t go back 40 years, merely seven. That’s when Hollywood decided there needed to be an English-language film adaptation of a book series that was an international sensation. Steig Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was a huge hit inspiring a film version of that and its two sequels in his native Sweden. Ah, but America could certainly make it into a monster hit, and even though that foreign language trilogy played here at the “art house” cinemas, Sony Studios brought in director David Fincher (Fight Club) and screenwriter Steve Zaillian (Searching For Bobby Fisher), and cast Bond himself Daniel Craig along with relative movie newcomer Rooney Mara. The results were…tepid. This
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