Mario review – when gay footballers fall in love

In this heartfelt Swiss drama, the star player at a leading club fears for his future after romance blossoms with a teammate

The diversity of England’s young squad has been a major factor for those of us who’ve been a bit iffy in the past about supporting the national team but are now getting behind Gareth Southgate’s boys. His side look just like a bunch of lads playing in your local park on a Sunday – only they’re better they’re better at kicking the ball. But do they represent modern England? Up to a point. The elephant in the room, in terms of diversity, is sexuality. This unassuming movie from Switzerland convincingly dramatises why a gay man in top flight football may choose stay in the closet. (There’s not an openly gay player in the 20 clubs of the Premier League.)

Max Hubacher gives a low-key,
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