Karlovy Vary Review: ‘The World is Yours’ Continues Romain Gavras’ Brand of Poetic, Ironic Postmodernism

Near the close of Howard Hawks’ 1932 film Scarface, Paul Muni’s worn out hoodlum looked up to see a billboard for Cook’s Tours with a slogan that, with more than a dash of existential mockery, read: The World is Yours. Half a century later, in Brian De Palma’s great remake of the Hawks classic, Al Pacino stood similarly beleaguered outside his modernist mansion and saw those very same words scrawl across a passing blimp (Nas would solidify the phrase’s street cred in 1994 when he used it as the basis for the most anthemic track on his debut album). The somewhat comparably unlawful anti-hero of this new film (which takes those four words as its title) is not a whole lot like Muni or Pacino’s immigrant gangsters. Indeed, it’s not the world he’s after at all. He simply wishes to make enough dough from drug
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